Friday, 9 March 2012

Fire More Designs


  1. Hey Anya,

    You should check out Adam Temple's big cat designs from his Sheridan graduate short film Adumu. Perhaps try playing around with scaling & morphing parts of the characters proportions to add contrast and emphasis to certain things, basically enhancing things that tie in with aspects of their personality.

    My example of this through word association would be: FigerTiger is a Blazing Brawn of an animal, while AcidPanther is a Slinky Viral Assassin. What imagery do these words & associations throw up to your visual imagination? Remember that designs are malleable & plastic; like a skin or rubber coating that can be stretched over any shape or form. RndmExmpl Also…look, cute tiger charms!

    Now Make an Awesome Film for November!! >:-[!!!

  2. Yeah. those descriptions are pretty much fit exactly the character I have in mind. I'm waiting for Adumu to load as I type. (It looks amazing!)

    All this being said, I have a design I'm pretty happy with right now. Not uploaded, just getting the turnaround done.