Monday, 22 August 2011

Back doing FT+AP next year. (And preproduction this year.) I was planning on working with someone, on a more complicated idea, but I'm just too unreliable for someone to risk working with. (Note to self - delete this when looking for a job.)

I've got Acid pretty set now. She will inevitably change, but I'd be fully comfortable animating her. Time for a ref sheet.
Except that I just realized her head is very small.

Just exploring Fire. Really need to get on his model. The assignment is due at the end of this term.


  1. I really love where fire tiger is going! I totally love the stripe/fire combo! I'm really looking forward to the finished product!:D

  2. I like these very much. I've been wondering though... Fire tiger is very obviously a FIRE tiger, while Acid Panther isn't obvious. Just looking at the pictures of her, she simply looks like a panther with glowing eyes and sometimes a glowing mouth. Is there some way to make her element more obvious to balance her design out against Fire Tiger?

    Also, I am eager to see why you've chosen acid against fire. The stereotypical elemental brawl is fire against water, or if you want to stretch it, acid against base.

  3. That's a good point, Miss Myers. For the film, I'm going to have her mouth open almost constantly, with acid dripping out. Does that sound like enough? Perhaps she can also have acid paw pads, with everything singing as she walks. Sounds a lot like fire, though.

    There's not much reason I chose acid over water. When I think about it, I prefer acid, as it's more dangerous than water.

    The two characters came very naturally to me one all nighter when I was finishing up some claymation. I'm pretty sure I was getting high off the clay fumes. Seems right to stick to the initial idea.

  4. The paw-pad idea sounds like a step in the right direction. It might be neat to see her leave an acid trail with her feet as if she drips from them as well.

    Also, while fire and acid can destroy plant life in similar ways, you could push the differences. Say, when Fire walks the things he walks on combust violently, while when Acid slinks around she may leave acid puddles to kill the plants more slowly. It could all be very detailed... It really depends on what's important and what you can do in regards to animating it within your set time frame.

  5. That plant idea sounds great. They d have some similarities, so I will definitely try and push them into opposite corners. I really want to showcase the two's contrasting natures throughout the film. Will see what I can come up with.
    Thanks for the comments! Helpful, as always.