Saturday, 27 August 2011

Getting closer.


  1. Fantastic Work Anya!

    The connection between the stripes merging into the fire is great and totally solves the "making him look like he's made of fire and not ON fire." problem.
    I really like the concept art of him posted below & some of the things I’d try & take from that into a final design would be:
    • That central dark stripe that goes from his mouth & nose all the way down his back to his tale, because that’s your line of action/central gesture/construction line.
    • The way you’ve extending that lighter stomach colour to around his muzzle/maw from the nose down, along with that more prominent chin.
    • Also, those dark simple diamond/almond shaped eyes with just one tone & one small highlight will be far more effective & economical for animation over doing more traditional cats eye slits on around eyes, and will contrast Acid Panthers big round simple green glowing eyes nicely.

    For Acid Panther:
    • Play up those planes of the head more, like in your 26th of June post in that early construction/model sheet, those look fantastic.
    • Flat colour is the bane of 2D animation. Perhaps rather than doing full frame by frame for everything you could create a comprehensive symbol / library of head positions from all the different angels, and use a more “nested” and layered approach to animating these characters (in toonboom?), so you can conserve some visual detail in necessary places.
    • Also, please have a shot of Acid Panther in the dark at some point, with just those glowing green eyes & evil grinning & dripping mouth (sort of Cheshire Cat in the moonlight). Fire tiger too, with those stripes lighting up one by one along the length of his body

    Talk to tutors/lecturers like James Lee or Paul Lalo who have a good handle on the nested aimation process & making it look natural & fluid instead of just cheap.

    That’s all I can think of to suggest. Your Stuff is Stellar! Good luck & start animating!

  2. Is this green Matt?
    Either way, all these comments are ridiculously helpful. Really something to think about. I really appreciate your comments.

    There will so totally undoubtedly be a shot of Acid in the dark. Not seconds ago I was storyboarding such a scene.

    As for nesting/symbols, I don't really understand all that, and I think with the animation it would be best for frame-by-frame. (Really watery... I don't know how to describe it.)
    Why is flat colour the bane of 2D animation?